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First 1986 Fund Pupil

Congratulations to the 1986 leavers who have successfully achieved their first fundraising milestone (to cover the cost of a child at CH for two years).  The admissions process has begun for the first pupil funded buy 1986 leavers to start in September 2016.  Fundraising efforts continue to achieve the remainder of the £161,000 target in order to fund this pupil for the full seven years at CH.

1986 Leavers’ Fund

The partnership of donors includes Old Blues who left Christ’s Hospital during the year 1986.

Blue Fund Champions

Matthew TilburyMatthew Tilbury (Old Blue 1980 – 86, BaB, MdA). Matthew is a Partner and Director of Codehouse; dealing with all things “web”, building content managed websites and web applications, in the City of London. Matthew is a keen sportsman with interests in golf, cricket, snowboarding and scuba diving. Can also be seen on a motorbike commuting between Oxshott and the City. Speaks Danish having spent a 10-year stint in Copenhagen.

M: 07515 098277

Blue Funds NewsJonathan Sheehan (Old Blue 1978 – 86, PeA). Jon, known as “Baz” is the co-founder and Managing Director of Burns Sheehan, recruiting within the Digital Technology space. Jon is a keen golfer as well as a football and rugby fan – in particular the Old Blues FC and Old Blues RFC.

M: 07957 254589

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Thank you

We are enormously grateful to all our donors for their generosity and support in providing a needy child’s education at Christ’s Hospital. Thank you!

Our community

"Christ’s Hospital is widely known in the UK for its outstanding education principle and its diverse breadth of pupils. It is our mission to continue to enable those from all corners of society to come together and thrive regardless of their background."
Simon Reid (Headmaster)
"I loved my time at Christ's Hospital and having seen what has been going on in recent years, it is easy for me to give back."
Peter Farnfield (1970s Leaver)
"Christ’s Hospital has given my son Charlie a great education. For all of this I will be forever grateful and in debt to Christ’s Hospital."
Jenny Thomson (Former Parent)
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