Donating to the FCH Blue Fund

Tax-efficient gifts from US taxpayers can be made via the Friends of Christ’s Hospital (FCH) to support the Blue Fund.  You can complete the Gift Form and return to Friends of Christ’s Hospital, PO Box 5171, Lancaster, PA 17606, or send a scanned copy to Keith Worker at


For more information please contact:

Keith Worker, FCH Treasurer        

E: or T: 717-201-0174.

USA Old Blues (FCH)

The partnership of donors includes those who support Christ’s Hospital via the FCH (Friends of Christ’s Hospital), a registered charity in the United States which expends its funds to support educational programs of the Christ’s Hospital Foundation.  Funds raised by the FCH are not included in the overall Blue Fund total.  The FCH have their own separate target to achieve £217,000 (c. $279,000) to fund another pupil at Christ’s Hospital.

In July 2020, the FCH completed their first Blue Fund target. Daisy is the first pupil at CH who benefits from the support of the FCH Blue Fund. Fundraising continues for the second FCH Blue Fund pupil.

Blue Fund Champions

Jonothan Osborne Photo2Jonathan Osborne (Old Blue, 1960-69, PrepA, ThA).

Jonathan left CH in 1969 to study physics at Bristol.  He then began teaching science in Inner London schools for nine years, then moved into teacher training and finally went into research, which meant doing a PhD.  After 25 years at King’s College London, Jonathan moved to the US for a job at Stanford University and he has been in California for 8 years and holds an endowed chair in the Department of Education.

Belinda Reiser photoBelinda Reiser (Old Blue, 1979-86, 4s, ColA).

Belinda moved to the United States over twenty years ago and currently lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two daughters. Belinda is the Vice President of FCH and has been involved with FCH for the past 7 years.

Photo Gallery

Founders Day USA - 2014 Founders Day USA - 2014 (2)Baltimore Exchange - 4 Baltimore Exchange -6 Baltimore Exchange 2016 - 5Baltimore Exchange 2016 - 1Baltimore Exchange 2016 - 3Baltimore Exchange 2016 - 2

Thank you

We are enormously grateful to all our donors for their generosity and support in providing a needy child’s education at Christ’s Hospital. Thank you!

Our community

"Christ’s Hospital is widely known in the UK for its outstanding education principle and its diverse breadth of pupils. It is our mission to continue to enable those from all corners of society to come together and thrive regardless of their background."
Simon Reid (Headmaster)
"I loved my time at Christ's Hospital and having seen what has been going on in recent years, it is easy for me to give back."
Peter Farnfield (1970s Leaver)
"Christ’s Hospital has given my son Charlie a great education. For all of this I will be forever grateful and in debt to Christ’s Hospital."
Jenny Thomson (Former Parent)
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