Why support the Blue Fund?

Through the power of collective giving, the Blue Fund provides life changing opportunities for a child in substantial financial need.

It is an accessible, affordable way to contribute towards funding a needy child’s education at Christ’s Hospital for the entire seven years they are at the School.

The Blue Fund provides an opportunity to bring together the Christ’s Hospital community, to connect or re-connect with others associated with this unique school.

For Old Blues, the Blue Fund provides an opportunity to fulfil "The Charge". There is no minimum gift - we welcome all donations and ask donors to contribute at a level they feel comfortable; "according to your means to do all that you can do to enable others to enjoy the same advantage".

How much is needed to fully fund a child?  


All sizes of donations are welcome, and every gift, regardless of size, makes a real difference.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to educate a child will go up each year; will we be expected to increase our regular gift each year?

No, although anyone who would like to increase their gift each year would be welcome to do so. When the Blue Fund target is achieved and a child enters the school, fundraising will continue to support another child. At this point, a new target will be set using the current rate it would cost to educate a pupil at that time.

Why is a regular gift significant?

You can make a real difference by supporting a child not just today, but also over their lifetime at Christ’s Hospital.  A regular gift allows us to plan for the future because we know, day in day out, that we will have a steady income stream over the course of a child’s seven year education at Christ’s Hospital, and as other Blue Fund pupils enter the school.


What if my circumstances change and I can no longer commit to a regular gift?

That’s not a problem. We realise that people’s circumstances change. First of all, we would suggest that you lowered your monthly gift. If that is not appropriate, you could drop out from the Blue Fund and the come back in again when your circumstances have changed.

What contact will there be with a Blue Fund pupil?

Each Blue Fund pupil will have a Blue Fund Governor, nominated by the Development Office.  The Governor will act a as a mentor and provide guidance and support to the pupil on behalf of the Blue Fund partnership of donors. Only one individual may take the role of Governor and have direct contact with the child. He/she will report back on the child’s progress to the Development Office who will keep donors updated via Blue Fund related publications.

What happens when the target is reached?

Once funds have been secured to cover the cost of educating a child for their full seven years at Christ’s Hospital, a child from a family in need of substantial financial support will be identified by the School Admissions Office to benefit from the Blue Fund.

Any surplus funds and pledges will then be rolled forward and fundraising will then continue to support another child.

How will we keep in touch?

Blue Fund donors will receive regular updates and newsletters from the Development Office on how their donations are benefiting pupils, as well as progress made towards the Blue Fund target.

You will receive stories on how Blue Fund pupils are getting on at the school  and we will also make you aware of events and further opportunities for gatherings with others involved in the Blue Fund.



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Our community

"Christ’s Hospital is widely known in the UK for its outstanding education principle and its diverse breadth of pupils. It is our mission to continue to enable those from all corners of society to come together and thrive regardless of their background."
Simon Reid (Headmaster)
"I loved my time at Christ's Hospital and having seen what has been going on in recent years, it is easy for me to give back."
Peter Farnfield (1970s Leaver)
"Christ’s Hospital has given my son Charlie a great education. For all of this I will be forever grateful and in debt to Christ’s Hospital."
Jenny Thomson (Former Parent)
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